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Syria: The Media Lies Aganist Syria And Its People.

Al Jazeera and Al Arabia will pay for the blood of Syria

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion explained (1/2)

the plan of the elders of zion in america and the world must see

Because We’re Dominated by a Criminal Minded Mass Media

‪War Propaganda Exposed‬ ‪★ We must establish a representative press [ ‪★ ] which will, at the bare minimum, acknowledge the concept of rule of law when it comes to foreign affairs regarding what US or Israeli politicians say and do. Attacking another country, as is being so cavalierly discussed in mainstream media, […]

CIA Influence On Mass Media: How Disinformation Campaigns Work PT 1.

CIA Influence On Mass Media: How Disinformation Campaigns Work PT 1.

War Propaganda Exposed Part 1 Mass Media Warmongering Against Iran

Aided and Abetted by Mass Media, Bachmann’s Lies Still Dominate Public Discourse even with her dropping out of the GOP race. Those peddling War Propaganda are given a free ride, notice that mainstream media hasn’t informed most people that Bachmann and others are lying about Iran and they are ignoring and breaking international law. Stephen […]

Globalisation and the Media

New Feature from COA News (, this film explores how the media is involved in shaping public opinion during the ‘War on Terrorism’ and Globalisation. There’s a new encoding of this on-line at commedia at very high quality! click on the View Box for the options. Globalisation and the Media A documentary exploring how the […]

CIA Influence on the Mass Media: How Disinformation Campaigns Work (Part 1)

1985 The White House National Security Council (NSC) in the United States is the principal forum used by the President for considering national security and foreign policy matters with his senior national security advisors and Cabinet officials and is part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States. Since its inception […]

Media Manila 2011: Presentation – Peter Cave (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

On “The Australian Safety Code for Journalists”. Presented as part of conference panel 3, “Safety of journalists reporting in conflicts and emergencies”. From the ICRC’s regional conference for media in East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific. 13-14 October 2011, Manila, Philippines. Individual speeches and comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the ICRC. […]

SHOCKING LEAK: SRI LANKAN ARMY MASS RAPE AND EXECUTION OF TAMIL WOMEN (REPORT BY AUSTRALIAN MEDIA) Sky News has been told women are being raped in Sri Lankan camps set up for Tamils who have fled the country’s war zone. Gordon Brown has raised the possibility of a human rights investigation There are numerous reports of sexual assaults in the government-run camps, and claims that […]

The Truth About Libya: NATO Crimes & Mass Media Lies Exposed!

Yvonne Di Vito, an activist from LIVE on RT 25.08.2011 ‘Before NATO intrusion, Libya was African Switzerland’ This is the first time that a country was attacked even though they asked for a commission to go into the country and to investigate and find facts. That didn’t happen. They just attacked. This was started […]