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Team India bemused at reports of walk-out

Team India is bemused and laughing their guts out at the suggestion in Australian media that they toyed with the idea of boycotting the ongoing three-day warm-up game against Cricket Australia Chairman’s XI in Canberra because of rain.

banks bailout is propaganda by the mass media ; too big to fail brainwash

Max Keiser talks to Stacy Herbert about the mass media propaganda that too big to fail banks need to be bailed out recorded on March 7th 2009

How The Media Plays With Muslims’ Emotions

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Hamster Wheel – Crime in The Media

From The Chaser’s new show that looks at news and the media on ABC TV: The Hamster Wheel. Chas Licciardello and Andrew Hansen examine how the current news media reports crime.

Vaccinate or Lose Benefits!

The Australian media has recently been informing parents that they will lose tax benefits unless their children are fully up-to-date with the immunization schedule. yet, vaccination is said to not be mandatory in Australia, so how can this be? Is this just a clever way for the government to work around the law to force […]

Australia Collar Bomb Hoax Suspect Arrested In The USA — Report

UPDATE II: “Australian ‘collar bomb’ suspect ordered detained” Link: * UPDATE: Suspect has reportedly been identified as Paul “Doug” Peters Link 1: “Central Coast man reportedly arrested over Madeleine Pulver collar bomb case” (Paul “Doug” Peters thought to be from Copacabana or Avoca Beach, Australia) Link 2: * According to several reports, […]

Mass Media Marketing Sex and Beauty to Little Girls

This is a segment from the Today Show, where consumer reporter, Janice Lieberman, discusses the way little girls are being overly sexualized in the mass media. If you think this is bad, you should see how oversexed the Bratz dolls are. Abercrombie and Fitch were also under scrutiny for attempting to market 6 year-olds with […]

How Fox “News” Makes You Stupid

This video is one of many which show Fox News’ blatant disregard for ethical journalism. Then again, they lost a lawsuit in which they were deemed “Entertainment” and not “News”. Seriously, look it up, Fox News only airs about 9 hours of what they call “news” daily. Read up here:

How the digital revolution is changing the Australian media landscape

The Federal government’s convergence review is an attempt to get a handle on the mind boggling changes the internet has brought to the media. It is also looking at the question of how to regulate the online world.

Syria: The Media Lies Aganist Syria And Its People.

Al Jazeera and Al Arabia will pay for the blood of Syria